Society for Digital Mental Health
Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting

2023 Virtual Conference: Bringing Together Academia, Industry and Healthcare to Collaboratively Advance Digital Mental Health

Our 2023 Annual Meeting will be held virtually, from June 20th-21st, 2023.

Our theme is Bringing Together Academia, Industry, and Healthcare to Collaboratively Advance Digital Mental Health.


This interdisciplinary conference will bring together researchers, healthcare providers, payers, industry leaders, developers, patient advocates, regulatory organizations, and policy experts with the goal of sharing cutting edge research and discussing how best to advance evidence-based improvements in digital mental healthcare. In addition to research presentations, the conference will include a keynote address by Cynthia Castro Sweet, PhD, the Senior Director of Clinical Research at Modern Health, entitled “Merging Sandboxes: Challenges and Opportunities for Multi-Sector Collaborations in Digital Mental Health.” The conference will also feature invited panels on integrating digital mental health in healthcare settings and making digital mental health work for marginalized communities. We are also excited to offer several networking opportunities, special events for students, and Ask Me Anything (AMA) Reddit-style opportunities to engage with experts.

Please Click Here to view our conference program.