Society for Digital Mental Health

Society for Digital Mental Health

Mission and Values


The Society for Digital Mental Health is a non-profit organization whose mission is to engage in education, policy, and research to support the use of digital tools to improve mental health and substance use disorder outcomes, including access to affordable and effective care, for the benefit of the public.


To support educational, policymaking, research, and industry activities to advance the quality, implementation, and effectiveness of practical innovations in digital mental health, in order to build a future where the potential of digital technology ethically is realized to improve the mental health of all.


We formed the Society for Digital Mental Health to provide the public and those working in the field of digital mental health (i.e., the application of technology and software to create multimedia experiences for patients to treat their mental health condition or substance use disorder) with a publicly interested body to promote:

    • Education and training

    • Development of best practices

    • Ongoing evaluation of the digital mental health sector


The specific goals of SDMH can be summarized as:

    • Support the development and sharing of knowledge concerning the design, effectiveness, use, implementation, and dissemination of digital mental health products and services among a broad groups of stakeholders including researchers, healthcare providers, payers, employers, developers, patient advocates, educators, and policy experts.
    • Foster and facilitate the dissemination of evidence standards and evidence-based best practices for sustainable, effective implementation of digital mental health technologies for patients, regardless of how they are seeking care; independently, or via the traditional healthcare system, community-based organizations, educational institutions, Employee Assistance Programs, or other organizations.
    • Promote work to benefit underserved and at-risk communities in need via digital mental health assessment and intervention evaluation efforts.