Society for Digital Mental Health
About Us

About Us

Board Members

David Mohr, Ph.D. (President); Professor of Preventive Medicine (Behavioral Medicine), Medical Social Sciences and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Director of the Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies, Northwestern University
Stephen Schueller, Ph.D. (Secretary); Associate Professor of Psychological Science & Informatics, University of California, Irvine; Executive Director of One Mind PsyberGuide
Adam Powell, Ph.D. (Treasurer); President of Payer+Provider Syndicate; Leader of the One Mind PsyberGuide Dynamic Digital Formulary Initiative
Sabine Wilhelm, Ph.D. (Membership Committee Leader); Professor at Harvard Medical School; Chief of Psychology and Director of the Center for OCD and Related Disorders at Massachusetts General Hospital
Bethany Teachman, Ph.D. (Program Chair); Professor and Director of Clinical Training in the Department of Psychology, University of Virginia

Additional Leaders

Sarah Hill, BA (Director of Communications); Program Assistant II at the Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University.
Emma Wolfe, BA (Assistant Program Chair); Clinical Research Coordinator, The Center for OCD and Related Disorders, Massachusetts General Hospital
Jeremy Eberle, MA (Open Science Coordinator); Ph.D. Candidate in Clinical Psychology, Program for Anxiety, Cognition, and Treatment (PACT) Lab, University of Virginia